CAN-Bus/J1939 Multiplexed Vehicle Control


According to AVIONI®, multiplexing is a method by which multiple analog message signals or digital data streams are combined into one signal over a shared medium. For the automotive industry, this means reducing wiring while increasing complexity and possibilities, such as better systems control, the share of more information and it facilitates the creation of links between different systems. Multiplexing can also add on to the safety and reliability of your systems.

In the automotive industry, CAN communication protocols are now widely used as a standard to communicate between all controllers in a given vehicle.
AVIONI® Multiplexing Solutions integrate step by step electrical/electronic systems in order to optimize not only the individual performance of each control, but to ensure that the whole vehicle behaves more efficiently by using the multiplexing technology. Year after year, we pushed the limits of the multiplexing technology further away on various systems, in such ways that no one had imagined it possible.