ILoader: Weighing System For Front Loaders


ILoader: Weighing System For Front Loaders

AVIONI® iLoader is a simple and convenient system that can be applied to Front Loader in every kind and in different tonnage. With the audible and visual warning screen and the advanced CANbus processor, it provides measurements with a maximum deviation of ± 1% as long as it is used in recommended conditions. The weighing resolution displayed on the screen is ±10 kg sensitive.

iLoader Weighing System has the following features:

  • Display of lifted load with IP67 sensors
  • Quick setup and on-screen calibration (no computer required)
  • Communication with CAN-Bus protocol
  • Service / maintenance planning (optional)
  • With the operation of the system, the signals from the ANGLE and the hydraulic PRESSURE sensor and the CAN messages are checked. If there is no information from any sensor, the corresponding alarm message is displayed on the screen, audible warning (buzzer) is heard

Weighing Record:
Each bucket weighing each time you press the ADD button on the touch screen is added to the TOTAL load. Even if the system is turned off and on, the total load is stored in the memory as long as the RESET button is not pressed.
Thanks to this feature, the load carried by loading trucks with the iLoader Weighing System can be calculated without having to go to the weighbridge. Thanks to the built-in black box, backwards weighing of 1000 weighings (Date-Time and Weighing) are recorded on the screen.

Optional Camera:
Thanks to the sophisticated iLoader display, the back view camera can be connected to the installer. Thus, both the scale and the camera are monitored via the iLoader screen..

Optional Printer:
With the in-vehicle printer showing the total weighing that will replace the weighbridge, the total load information on each load can be taken as output from the printer connected to the screen.